Amina Bokhary Has Worked With A Number Of Industry

Posted by Admin | March 26th, 2011

As a young professional who recently worked overseas and experienced much success there, Amina Bokhary still felt that her home was calling to her. She moved back to her home city of Hong Kong after working in England. In Hong Kong, she is re-evaluating her options and trying to figure out how she could best utilized the skills and knowledge she gained in London.

Amina Bokhary graduated from college with honors and a degree in economics in 1999. She worked at Selfridges in London next as a personal fashion consultant, during which time she learned a great deal about the fashion industry, as well as about management and teamwork skills.

Ms. Bokhary felt that while London was able to teach her all of these skills, she needed to return home to Hong Kong. Since returning to Hong Kong, Amina Bokhary has worked with a number of industry-leading names and brands. Amongst those were Sotheby’s and LVMH store opening, as well as Red Communications. During her time at Red Communications, she designed, pitched, and managed a number of high profile events successfully.

Bokhary moved to Harvey Nichol’s in order to match her fashion knowledge with business sense. She managed the brand name of Goyard, a Paris-based luggage manufacturer. During that time she worked with sales, marketing, and merchandising teams, as well as liaising with the owners of the company in France.

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